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Part Number:


Style Number: Trigger Indicator
Manufacturer: Ferraz Shawmut
Product Class: Blown Fuse Indicator
Continous Amps: NA
Voltage: 600vv
Diameter/Size: NA
Clip/Mounting Centers (In): NA
Overall Length (In): NA
Indicating/Non Indicating: 2
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Other fuses in this fuse class:
Part No. Manufacturer Voltage Continous Amps
TI-130 Ferraz Shawmut 130 NA
TI-600 Ferraz Shawmut 600 NA
TI-1500 Ferraz Shawmut 1500 NA
AJT(70-100)-EI Ferraz Shawmut NA NA
AJT(110-200)-EI Ferraz Shawmut NA NA
AJT(225-400)-EI Ferraz Shawmut NA NA
AJT(450-600)E? Ferraz Shawmut NA NA
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