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Part Number:


Style Number: 5405
Manufacturer: Norberg
Product Class: Insulators
Continous Amps: NA
Voltage: 5000vv
Diameter/Size: 3.75
Clip/Mounting Centers (In): NA
Overall Length (In): 3.5
Indicating/Non Indicating: 5kV, 4"""" Creep,6500 Tens,2000 Cntlvr,3/8-16x3/4 Thread,Red
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Other fuses in this fuse class:
Part No. Manufacturer Voltage Continous Amps
N7185A70H01 Norberg 5000 NA
N7185A71H01 Norberg 15000 NA
N7185A72H01 Norberg 15000 NA
N7185A73H01 Norberg 23000 NA
N686C615G01 Norberg 15500 NA
N8295A76H01 Norberg 5000 NA
N3597A88H02 Norberg 7500 NA
N3597A89H02 Norberg 15500 NA
N3597A90H02 Norberg 23000 NA
N3597A91H02 Norberg 34500 NA
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