RBA/RDB Mountings & Live Parts

Non-disconnect and disconnect mountings are both available for an RBA Power Fuse.

RBA non-disconnect mountings can be supplied in one of two configurations. RBA 200 and RBA 400 mountings use upper and lower fuse clips to hold the fuse unit in position under tension. The clips securely attach to both ends of the fuse holder. RBA 800 mountings hold the fuse unit in place by solidly bolting it into position. The type of non-disconnect mounting to be used depends upon the size and configuration of the fuse unit.

The RBA disconnect mounting is hookstick-operable which simplifies opening, closing, and fuse replacement. Not only is the hookstick used to open the fuse, it is used to lift the fuse from its mounting. This keeps the operator well clear of any live parts during fuse removal. One end of the mounting is the hinged end and one is the latched end. They work in conjunction with compatible disconnect parts attached to the fuse holder.

Positive electrical connections are maintained at both ends of the mounting through the use of cadmium chromium copper spring fingers at the hinge end and clip type contacts on the break (latch) end. The spring fingers are compressed on closing in of the fuse holder. The current path is then made directly from the terminal pad to the fingers and the fuse holder. This upper end of the fuse holder is locked into position in the fuse holder by a stainless steel latch


  • Both non-disconnect and disconnect mountings available
  • Fits standard industry standard RBA or RDB Fuses
  • Either Indoor or Outdoor versions available
  • Offers either Porcelain or Glass Polyester Insulators
  • Live Parts or Insulators can be purchased separately


  • Load Interrupter Switchgear
  • Power Transformers
  • High Voltage Capacitors
  • Pad Mounted Transformers


  • The mounting base is the metal support to which all the mounting parts attach.
  • Porcelain or glass polyester insulators are attached to the base and insulate the live fuse unit and any other live part from the mounting base and everything beyond the base.
  • Live parts, which are attached to the insulators, hold the fuse unit in place in the mounting, provide a place to make line and load connections, and are hot once electricity is flowing. Live parts are available without the insulators or mounting base.


  • Eaton Cutler-Hammer Westinghouse

Data Sheet:

  • Data Sheet 3-A: RBA Disconnect
  • Data Sheet 3-B: RBA Non-Disconnect
  • Data Sheet 3-C: RDB Disconnect
  • Data Sheet 3-D: RDB Non-Disconnect