Class G

Class G Fuses are non-renewable, current-limiting, and conform to UL 198C. Current ratings range from 25A to 60A for 480VAC rated fuses, and 0A to 20A for 600VAC rated fuses (DC ratings are also available). Developed for use in lighting and appliance panelboards with a special fusible-switch unit, these non-renewable cartridge fuses are intended for use where interrupting ratings to 100kA rms symmetrical are required. They're made in four ferrule sizes: 0A to 15A, 16A to 20A, 21A to 30A, and 31A to 60A.

Class G fuses must be labeled "Current Limiting", and may be labeled "Time Delay" if they pass time-delay requirements, which is minimum opening time of 12 sec at 200% of the fuse ampere rating. This requirement is different than the optional time-delay test for larger body size Class H, K, and R fuses, where the minimum opening time is 10 seconds at 500% of fuse ampere rating (8 seconds for 0A to 30A, 250V, Class K and R fuses).


  • Four unique sizes
  • Rejection feature prevents replacement errors
  • Compact Size
  • AC & DC Ratings


  • Light inductive loads including motors and solenoids
  • Branch Circuits
  • Appliances
  • General purpose applications including lighting


  • Bussmann
  • Edison
  • Ferraz Shawmut
  • Littelfuse