CX/CXN Mountings & Live Parts

Eaton Cutler-Hammer current limiting mountings for CX style fuses. Most mountings are available in either disconnect or nondisconnect configurations and include the base, porcelain or glass polyester insulators, and live parts. Live parts, fuse clips and fuse end fittings are also available separately.


  • Fits standard industry standard CX or CXN Fuses
  • Offers either Porcelain or Glass Polyester Insulators
  • Live Parts or Insulators can be purchased separately


  • Pad-mounted and submersible three-phase and single-phase transformers.
  • Pad-mounted and submersible switch and fuse units.


  • The mounting base is the metal support to which all the mounting parts attach.
  • Porcelain or glass polyester insulators are attached to the base and insulate the live fuse unit and any other live part from the mounting base and everything beyond the base.
  • Live parts, which are attached to the insulators, hold the fuse unit in place in the mounting, provide a place to make line and load connections, and are hot once electricity is flowing. Live parts are available without the insulators or mounting base.


  • Eaton Cutler-Hammer Westinghouse

Data Sheet:

  • Data Sheet 3-E: CX Disconnect
  • Data Sheet 3-F: CX Non-Disconnect
  • Data Sheet 3-G: CXN Disconnect
  • Data Sheet 3-H: CXN Non-Disconnect
  • Data Sheet 3-I: CXN Non-Disconnect x2